Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Yebo!World

Does Yebo!World collect my location all the time?

No, in fact our app does not collect anything at all unless you tap the manual ping button (something you normally don’t have to).

But … there are other apps and system components on your smartphone that collects your location all the time. They include Google Maps (and other Google apps), Uber, Facebook, Instagram and so on. And whenever any of these apps fetch your location the operating system (iOS) shares this data with all apps that you’ve given location permissions to. And this includes the Yebo!World app.

This way the Yebo!World app does not have to be active all the time and thus does not unnecessarily drain system resources or battery life.

Where in the world is Yebo!World located?

Yebo!World is a global virtual company. We do not have any offices or even a fixed work space. Everybody involved is in different places and in many different countries.
The founders of the company are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

How big is the Yebo!World team?

Our core team consists of Founder, CEO and Product Owner Gunnar L Ă…rneby, System Architecht & Back End Lead Developer Ulf Hedlund and Apple iOS Senior Developer Rob Dixon.

We also work with freelancers for Front End Development and illustrations.

Is there an app for iPhone?

Yes, there is a very nice app for Apple iOS available in the Apple App Store come July 2020.

Is there an app for Android?

Not right now. Our previous Android app lagged so much behind that we decided to retire it in 2019. When we have the resources and find the right Android developer we will develop a new one. But until then; no, sorry.

How long have Yebo!World been around?

The idea behind Yebo!World was first conceived back in 2014.
The general development of the server side started in 2016 and in 2017 we had a first generation of the Back End and API up and running. The first (now retired) alpha version of the Android app saw limited release in 2017. The alpha version of the iOS app was released in late 2018 for testing.
The (very) slow progress is due to lack of both time and resources, but also the fact that this is a labour of love rather than just another startup.

How’s Yebo!Worlds coverage of the world?

Please see our Coverage Page

Any other questions? Dont hesitate to mail us at [email protected]